What is Cinavia?

Have you read about this Cinavia DRM thing, and are wondering how it effects you? If you havent read or heard about it, chances are that you will very soon. Especially if you own a Playstation 3 or a new Blu-ray player. And like movies.

Cinavia DRM Explained

Basically the Cinavia DRM technology uses audio watermarking which are hidden inside of the audio track on a movie. This is how they will detect if you are watching a copyrighted movie. The annoying thing is that the protection cuts the audio on the movie you are trying to watch and sometimes it even cuts the video as well. Ultimately you can say that Sony have implemented Cinavia to stop piracy on Blu-ray and PS3.

Cinavia Protection Technology

Lets go a little bit more in-depth about what the DRM protection actually does, and how it works.

This is how Cinavia is being applied – a little example for you: If a person were to “CAM” a film and employ a ‘line’ audio source (from the earphone jack, instead of recording the ‘crowd’), the watermark within the ‘line’ audio will look for its match – within this situation, as being a theatrical source. Since a TS or CAM’s ‘line’ audio doesn’t match the initial release format, Cinavia will block or restrict playback from the file.

Affecting PS3 & Blu-ray

So far we are happy to be able to say that Cinavia (only) affect your PS3 and newly bought Blu-ray player. However, this might all change very soon. Sony has made some good PR with the movie industry (20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment) after implementing Cinavia into their product. This will most likely make other tech companies follow the trend.

Cinavia continues to be adopted like a needed element of the AACS content protection system. Blu-ray gamers with Cinavia sensors started entering the customer market at the end of 2009.”

Surprisingly after checking out some of Sony’s products tech specs for their product line of Blu-ray players we were actually unable to find any traces of Cinavia. We took 4 products and looked at their manual and were unable to find anything related. However we still believe that in the long run, Cinavia will be “everywhere” – unfortunately.

Will it stop piracy?

We do not believe so, pirates are known to be very creative and once they locate the actual audio that is being embedded to protect the movie they will find a way to block or bypass it. Reverse engineers are spending to crack the technology from the inside out. However if you own a PS3 this is your lucky day! For the PS3 there is a working fix which you can find at the bottom of the page.

Cinavia on my PC or Mac?

Not yet – No! You are still able to download movies from the net and view them on your PC or Mac without any problems. PC or Mac does not include any Cinavia detectors – Yet. Implementing this would require an additional chip on the actual motherboard of the computer and that seems a little bit like a far reach. But we cannot be certain what the future holds in terms of protecting copyrighted materials.

So, how-to Fix Cinavia?

There are a number of ways to do so. Most of them are not working and are out-of-date. As of now we recommend this guide. You can also join our forum and discuss solutions.

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