A video review of the Cinavia solution

A few days ago the C-PS team posted their solution, a workaround to the Cinavia DRM error messages. Since their technique needs to be ordered some people have commented that they are unsure if the method is legit. Searching around on the net I found a couple of nice reviews, most of them where very positive. So I thought I would post a few links to those reviews, but then I received an email from the team.

“Hey Cinaviafix.com – We’re offering real testimonial reviews now to prove to visitors our method is both safe and legit. If you want to post this video on your site it would be really cool. And don’t forget to mention we’re not disabling the DRM protection, that would be illegal. We’re just providing an alternative method to get all movies to get played on your PS3.”

So I thought I would be kind enough to post one of those testimonial videos here and people can judge for themselves. You’ll find it after the jump.

Reference: Cinavia PS3 Solution

What do you guys think? Could this finally be what we’re looking for? Have your say in the forums or in the comment section below!


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