PS4 Cinavia Fix (NoErrors) – Full Review & Info

It’s been a few days since the PS4 Cinavia team released their method to play all movies, without any troublesome error messages. I’m here to review this product but let me first make one thing clear; I don’t get commissions from any sales. I did however get a free review copy.



Product Website

Supported formats

The product is available either through, the product is the same but they market it in two different ways. And let me start off by saying, the sales pages are straight up ugly. It’s pictures, big words and random information with no professional design whatsoever. You’ll get either two movies presenting the product for you – Either a testimonial video or an explosive, in-your-face video telling you how good the product is. Both are kind of cheesy, but done with some humor.


It works!

While the product makers aren’t designers when it comes to making a professional website, they do offer some answers to the most common questions before you buy the product. You might notice they don’t actually use the word Cinavia in their sales page. That’s because it’s copyrighted and isn’t owned by them. And for the sake of the DMCA ruling it’s not legal to actually disable a DRM protection like Cinavia. They do make sure you’ll “fix the error messages”, and I think we all know what they are talking about.



While the site is ugly, the product does solve the problem on both the PS3 and Blu-Ray players


The Product logo

The product

The order goes through Clickbank, a well known internet vendor. When your order is complete you’ll get a download link. Once your download is complete you’ll notice two PDF documents, containing tutorials on how to get around the Cinavia protection. It’s done in detail, and the instructions are made for everyone – tech savvy or not. I won’t give out the full details on how they actually bypasses the Cinavia DRM, but I can say that they aren’t disabling it but rather edit the movies you have. And it did work for me, I tried four different Cinavia known-affected movies.

You’ll also get a nice FAQ at the end, to resolve any issues you have and two alternative methods which also seem to work. It’s both Mac and Windows compatible solutions, which is very nice.


Price and Guarantee

The price comes down to $29, which might seem a bit hefty. But it did solve the Cinavia problem for me, and that’s all I ask for really. Plus the method they provide isn’t available anywhere else. They also include a bonus guide, on how to solve the yellow light problem on your Playstation 4. It’s a common problem and the guide is really nice, even if you probably could ask around on forums and get the same results. And if you aren’t pleased with what you got – There’s always a money back guarantee which is confirmed legit. And since they sell this product through ClickBank it’s good to know that you can easily contact their customer support if something goes wrong. The developers also promises email support, but since I haven’t used it I can’t give my opinion on it.



– The sales page is ugly and has an unprofessional look to it.

– It’s fairly expensive

+ Works for both the PS3 and Blu-Ray players

+ You’ll get what is promised, getting rid of the Cinavia error messages.

+ Money back guarantee.

So I can recommend this product, if you got the cash it’s well worth it. Especially if the Cinavia error messages are really bothering to you. The developers promises you support too. E-mail me your review and I’ll make sure to add it!

Update: The product does support stand-alone Blu-Ray players. I haven’t tried this function, but I have heard good things about it and considering how the product gets rid of the error messages on the PS3, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Order here and read more about ClickBank here.

A video review of the Cinavia solution

A few days ago the C-PS team posted their solution, a workaround to the Cinavia DRM error messages. Since their technique needs to be ordered some people have commented that they are unsure if the method is legit. Searching around on the net I found a couple of nice reviews, most of them where very positive. So I thought I would post a few links to those reviews, but then I received an email from the team.

“Hey – We’re offering real testimonial reviews now to prove to visitors our method is both safe and legit. If you want to post this video on your site it would be really cool. And don’t forget to mention we’re not disabling the DRM protection, that would be illegal. We’re just providing an alternative method to get all movies to get played on your PS3.”

So I thought I would be kind enough to post one of those testimonial videos here and people can judge for themselves. You’ll find it after the jump.

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A new Cinavia solution, this time it’s an e-book

The frustation among Playstation 3 owners is definitely growing. Over the past summer we’ve seen movies like Final destination 5, The Change-up, Friends with benefits, Horrible bosses and The final Harry Potter “Deathly Hallows Part 2”  being affected by the Cinavia DRM protection. Either error message one or three have been popping up, either stopping playback completely or muting the sound.

The Book from Amazon

But this week something very interested popped up on Amazon. It’s a book titled “Cinavia PS3 fix” and the description says “There is nothing worse than suddenly getting those annoying error messages when trying to enjoy a movie on your console. Our guide will get your console to play ANY movie – without interruptions or having the sound cut out.”

We bought the book for to see what the fuzz is about, and right of the bat – There are definitely solutions in there. And yes, that’s solutions in plural – The book is crammed with different methods. Some of them are more difficult and time consuming, others are easy and shouldn’t be a problem for most people. The writers emphasizes the importance of keeping the methods safe from Cinavia or Sony, so they can’t improve their DRM protection.

So, if you’re looking to get rid of the error messages – Get your copy here.

Update: Some users have asked me if they need a Kindle to read the book. The answer is no, there’s a reader for the Mac and the PC ready to be downloaded for free. There’s even one for the iPhone and the iPad. No problemos!

Finally? A way to get rid of Cinavia on the PS3?

It seems as if we’ve hit the mother or all Movie DRM protection hacks, it’s time to finally hit back at Cinavia.

The Cinavia PS3 fix
Could this be our salvation?

It’s been rough the last couple of weeks. We’re a site called “Cinavia fix”. It couldn’t be more obvious for anyone visiting the site that you would expect to have a fix for Cinavia by visiting and reading the site. But no, it’s been empty since the last method stopped working. And trust us, we’ve been looking hard to find a solution to this problem. Some say you can jailbreak your PS3 and get Showtime on there, and you’ll be fine. But who has the ability to downgrade their Firmware nowadays? No one, that’s who…

But, what’s that? A working solution?

A team called CiNAViAPS3 has said they’ve cracked the system. And it’s been confirmed by other sources too. I visited the teams website yesterday, and I’ve got to say – The site is pretty horrible when it comes to design. It’s pretty ugly and it’s basically a big sales pitch. So I was skeptical, along with several forum members. But I did order the product… Waited patiently and yes – I can confirm, it works!

For how long I don’t know but now it truly seem to work wonders. I’ve been trying both CAMs, Telesyncs… BluRays, you name it – I’ve tried it. I should mention that it’s only working for the PS3 at the moment, not stand-alone BluRay players.

So head over to Cinavia

Contagion – The latest movie to be bit by the Cinavia bug

When I see that a movie like the Zookeeper has been effected by the Cinavia DRM protection I think to myself, “that movie looks horrible and probably deserves to have some kind of protection”.

The Zookeeper move with Kevin James
Just the poster give me the creeps

Maybe because I’m not a family man and have kids. You could probably blame me for that. Even Bad teacher was hit by Cinavia and frankly, that movie wasn’t too good either. I think last year was way worse with the Social network being prevented to be played on a DRM protected player. Especially since the DVD Screener for that movie leaked way ahead of its retail release.

Forget Zookeper, bring on Contagion!

But now it’s been reported that Contagion, the Hollywood All-star movie has been hit by the Cinavia bug. It looks like a really good movie and I’m super excited to see it. Unfortunatly it hasn’t been in the Cinemas where I live so I have to patiently wait for a BluRay copy. And maybe this movie deserves to not be downloaded or have the Cinavia protection bypassed? Discuss in our form or our comment section below. Click to view the trailer.

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Cinavia Fix for your PS4 & Blu-Ray!