Contagion – The latest movie to be bit by the Cinavia bug

When I see that a movie like the Zookeeper has been effected by the Cinavia DRM protection I think to myself, “that movie looks horrible and probably deserves to have some kind of protection”.

The Zookeeper move with Kevin James
Just the poster give me the creeps

Maybe because I’m not a family man and have kids. You could probably blame me for that. Even Bad teacher was hit by Cinavia and frankly, that movie wasn’t too good either. I think last year was way worse with the Social network being prevented to be played on a DRM protected player. Especially since the DVD Screener for that movie leaked way ahead of its retail release.

Forget Zookeper, bring on Contagion!

But now it’s been reported that Contagion, the Hollywood All-star movie has been hit by the Cinavia bug. It looks like a really good movie and I’m super excited to see it. Unfortunatly it hasn’t been in the Cinemas where I live so I have to patiently wait for a BluRay copy. And maybe this movie deserves to not be downloaded or have the Cinavia protection bypassed? Discuss in our form or our comment section below. Click to view the trailer.

Doesn’t it look great? Yep, it does.

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