Is it legal to disable Cinavia?

We get a lot of emails from users asking us for Cinavia solutions. It’s quite common people use the term “disable Cinavia” or “bypass Cinavia” but did you know it’s not actually illegal to do any modifications to Cinavia? Disabling a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection is illegal according to the DMCA.

However, if you own the rights to your movie files, and are allowed to modify its content you should be fine. Verance’s Cinavia was created for the Playstation 3 and BluRay players. This doesn’t mean that you can’t modify your video files as you want to.

There are jailbreaking methods of disabling Cinavia. If you’ve jailbroken your console you can remove the Cinavia files which are incorporated into the movie playback system which the PS3 uses. Although this mostly surely is illegal and will void you warranty. And for those who are unfamiliar to jailbreaks, it isn’t easy to do so since it requires an old firmware version to be installed.

You can read more about DRM protections here.

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