This post is aimed to show you how to fix Cinavia once and for all. Continue reading or go straight to the bottom for the working solution.

Cinavia background

Cinavia already started to be placed on systems back in 2009, in the beginning it was mainly designed for media players but Sony soon discovered that they would be able to use it in their beloved product: Playstation 3! Unfortunately until recently there has been no way to fix it.

If you want to know exactly how Cinavia works you can check out: What is Cinavia DRM?

Various fake bypass methods..

Since Cinavia became a problem for people on the PS3 and on Blu-ray players it has been a hot topic on the Internet and people have desperately been trying literarily anything to fix it. Lots of methods are spreading around on the Internet, but none of them work…

  • The first method was to disable the WMA playback, some people claimed this would bypass Cinavia on their Playstation 3. – It didn’t.
  • Another hack was to play the movies with avisynth/mencoder in the transcode folder. Yet again, some reported this to be working. – It didn’t.
  • Then we had the workaround which was about optical audio/multi-out, it was claimed to be a trick to patch out the Cinavia DRM. Yet again, it was proven not to be working.

The simple fact is that Cinavia is quite powerful, and it is not hackable by regular people. However, we are not regular people. We are two software engineers with a mastes degree, and we have kicked Cinavia’s behind.

The only legit solution as of now

Right now there’s only one method which works on most PS3 consoles. Since Cinavia and Sony have updated the Firmware they’ve made past working methods unusable. Changing cables or trying to downgrade your firmware to jailbreak your console doesn’t work any longer. But the one method which actually works and is confirmed by users is the one by the CinaviaPS4 team. You can order it here and you can read our full review here.



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