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CinEx Review – Does it work against Cinavia?

CinEx is a software which claims to remove and protect against Cinavia error messages. It’s part of a range of softwares including CinEx HD, CinFect, CinDe and SoundTouch 2. The software claims to add, detect and output a working version of the movie.

You are limited to DVDs

While CinEx works with BluRays, DVDs (but only US NTSC versions) or pirated, downloaded versions – It can only output a DVD. This means you’re looking to get a major downgrade in quality even if  your original version was either a high-quality, downloaded BluRay rip or a physical BluRay disc.

This might not be a deal breaker, but the DVD quality is a huge downgrade.

And you can’t keep any bonus material, such as movies or extras. This might not be a deal breaker, but the DVD quality is a huge downgrade.

How does it work?

CinEx works in two ways – Either they remove the error message using the CinEx HD utility tool. But it’s limited to a selection of movies. The list includes major titles such as John Wick 2, however – the software needs to be updated with new movies regularly. You are likely to find your title, but if you don’t you need to use the other software – SoundTouch 2. This software works a bit different, downgrading the audio. This means your movie won’t get the error message, but the audio is significantly worse. It might be worth the tradeoff.

Your movie needs to be supported.

Is it legal?

The short answer is no. It depends on country, but modifying your movies are often OK – As long as you own the movie. But most users of this software will use pirated, torrented movies – Wanting to remove the error because the movie isn’t officially available or is still being shown in the cinema. And as we know, pirated movies aren’t exactly legal. As for the software itself, Cinavia might not be too happy about it.



The problem with Cinex HD is its various tools and software. CinDe, Cinex HD, SoundTouch, SoundTouch 2 and CinFect. The softwares do different things, but it’s difficult to keep track of what does what.


Should you buy it?

We recommend NoErrors.info instead, as it’s less expensive and works on all movies, and aren’t restricted to a list of movies. It’s also less messy, as CinEx requires various software tools and are split into different solutions and software. But we’re impressed by their amazing support and are sure they will have a better solution in the future, which is more user friendly.


CinaviaFix isn’t affiliated with CinexHD or their software.