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2013 Movies affected by Cinavia

As we’re months into 2013 the dreaded Cinavia error is back with a vengance, affecting movies such as The Hobbit,  Les Misérables, Lincoln and other major studio releases. We’ve got the full and updated list below!

The-Hobbit-1024x1024A movie like the Hobbit were already reported as having the error back in 2012, when it was out as a CAM. Others come as a surprise – Such as Killing Them Softly and The Man With the Iron Fists, the RZA directed Kung-fu movie.

If you’re looking for a fix for your BluRay and PS3, then head over to NoErrors, which have the currently only working solution. We’ll be sure to update this list – Especially to see if coming attractions like G I Joe Retaliation, The Croods, The Host and Oz the Great and Powerful have the error or not.

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