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BluRay Players with and without Cinavia

Do you want to know if your BluRay player has the Cinavia DRM protection installed?


When Cinavia was new, it was announced that all the BluRay players released from 2012 was required to have the Cinavia protection installed, this isn’t necessarily true. There are players out there who either never had their firmware updated or simply doesn’t have the audio protection installed.

We strongly recommend getting the Movie fix 2.0 which is the only working solution for Cinavia, and works both for BluRay players and the PS3!


Do not adjust the playback volume. The content being played is protected by Cinavia™ and is not authorized for playback on this device. For more information, see http://www.cinavia.com. Message Code 3.Does it look familiar? We’re here to help!


Update 2017


Clean players – Without Cinavia

Pioneer BDP-320

Samsung BD-H6500 (remove the Wi-fi capabilities)

Sony BDP-S350 & BDP-S550 (firmware version 0026).
Sony BDP-S1000es (firmware version 014).

Sony BDPS5500
Panasonic DMP-BD55 (firmware version 2.4).
Panasonic DMP-BD65 (firmware version 1.64).
Panasonic DMP-BD85 (firmware version 1.62).

Oppo players (although they are expensive)

Panasonic Blu-ray players and recorders with Uniphier chipset can be updated with enhanced firmware which allows to deactivate Cinavia audio watermark detection. We haven’t tried it out yet, but you can modify the Panasonic players with Region Freedom.

Affected players

The list below is outdated as all BluRay players with the BluRay logo has now incorporated Cinavia. It’s right now mandatory.

LabelModel & Firmware
SonyPlaystation 3 (fw: 3.10 or higher)
SonyBDP-S185/BDP-S186 (fw: M09.R.0033 or higher) BDP-S390 (fw: M11.R.0147 or higher)
BDP-S280/BDP-S480/BDP-S485/BDP-S580/BDP-S780 (fw: M07.R.0615 or higher)
BDP-SX1000 (fw: F01.R.0102 or higher)
BDP-BX39/BDP-BX59/BDP-S590 (fw: M11.R.0320 or higher)
SamsungBD-Dxxxx Series BD-Exxxx Series
PhilipsBDP5200, BDP6000 (fw: 1.42 or higher)
MarantzUD5005 UD7006
LGBDP550 (fw: 8.31.283.C)
DenonDBP-1611UD (fw: MCU Ver 100/07.04.2011) DBP-2012UDCI

Recommended players, without Cinavia

Currently, one manufacturer has said that they won’t support Cinavia, ever. They are called Oppo, and while they aren’t going to support the watermark – Their players are expensive. See a list of Oppo players here. There’s also the possibility to get an old BluRay player (from 2010) and never update its firmware, a solution which is less tempting.

Solutions for all Blu-Ray players

Already bought a BluRay player, or are don’t you want to get a Oppo BluRay player? No problem, the Cinavia Movie Fix 2.0 currently supports all BluRay players including the PS3. You can download their solution here.


Finally? A way to get rid of Cinavia on the PS3?

It seems as if we’ve hit the mother or all Movie DRM protection hacks, it’s time to finally hit back at Cinavia.

The Cinavia PS3 fix
Could this be our salvation?

It’s been rough the last couple of weeks. We’re a site called “Cinavia fix”. It couldn’t be more obvious for anyone visiting the site that you would expect to have a fix for Cinavia by visiting and reading the site. But no, it’s been empty since the last method stopped working. And trust us, we’ve been looking hard to find a solution to this problem. Some say you can jailbreak your PS3 and get Showtime on there, and you’ll be fine. But who has the ability to downgrade their Firmware nowadays? No one, that’s who…

But, what’s that? A working solution?

A team called CiNAViAPS3 has said they’ve cracked the system. And it’s been confirmed by other sources too. I visited the teams website yesterday, and I’ve got to say – The site is pretty horrible when it comes to design. It’s pretty ugly and it’s basically a big sales pitch. So I was skeptical, along with several forum members. But I did order the product… Waited patiently and yes – I can confirm, it works!

For how long I don’t know but now it truly seem to work wonders. I’ve been trying both CAMs, Telesyncs… BluRays, you name it – I’ve tried it. I should mention that it’s only working for the PS3 at the moment, not stand-alone BluRay players.

So head over to Cinavia PS3.com