Which versions have the best quality picture/sound?

It’s a common question when it comes to downloading or streaming movies. My first thought is, the bigger the size, the better the quality is. But is it still true?

I guess all kind of things can happen when you transfer a movie from blu-ray to an hard disk. But, is there a way to say that one of theese are theoretically better than the others?

  • Wishmaster 1997 1080p BluRay x264-SADPANDA
  • Wishmaster 1997 1080p BluRay x264 DTS-FGT
  • Wishmaster Pack BluRay 1080p Dts HEVC-d3g

The first two has almost the same size, number three is smaller. Smaller means less hard disk use, but my first priority is quality.

The answer

It’s gets a bit complicated, but the only way you’re really going to know is to compare bit rates and encoding methods. File sizes only tell part of the story.

For example; you could have two 1080p encodes with identical bit rates but different audio tracks (one 2 channel stereo, one DTS/DTS-MA etc). The audio bit rate alone will make one significantly larger than the other.

Compare encoding container (AVI, X264, X265), bit rate and audio track.

That third one you’ve listed is X265 (HEVC) which is higher compression than X264 but requires more overhead for playback. Theoretically the picture quality should be identical but X265 allows higher compression and therefore smaller file size – but, once again, it comes back to bit rate.

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